Philippe Chevrier

Philippe Chevrier

Taste of Geneva

Just like in the best of tales, three good fairies were looking over Philippe Chevrier's crib. His grandmother, his aunt, and above all, his mother, Denise, whose name he gave to one of his flagships restaurants.

Similar to shamans, it seems that the ability to cook can be passed down by women. Rather than a magical “abracadabra”, the formula in the trade consists of: “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.” Without hard work, the skill is just a bad habit.

Driven, ambitious, and hard-working, Philippe Chevrier appeared to have acquired this natural instinct from a young age. At 7 years old, evidence quickly emerged that he would be an early-adopter of this profession: “I want to be a chef!”

It is clear that the sensory paradise discovered in the warmth of the Chevrier family kitchen was a subconscious reason behind why Philippe became a restaurateur then entrepreneur, an advocate of his own aspirations. The desire to capture his early senses, like the famous Madeleines, to reproduce flavours, smells, and a reassuring atmosphere. To bring them together in one place, and then to expand this to several others.

And better still, to share his flavours, his passion for beauty and for good, and above all, his well-grounded values.